The Coach’s Magic Box

Magic box

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The Coach’s Magic Box

Offering a tool to the coach and manager

More structure

Give (even) more structure to your coaching sessions. With inspirational questions, going straight to the point.

Result driven

Go for more effective, shorter and more result driven coaching sessions. Inviting your coachee to interact (even more) dynamically

Joyful benefits

Inviting to explore the issues at hand differently. And increasing the joyful benefits of your joint efforts.

Included in the price of this toolbox are 3 online training sessions of 1 hour: an extra tool in order to make full use of the possibilities of The Coach’s Magic Box. Read more below.

  • Helps the coachee to stick to the issue at hand and not wander off in various directions
  • Brings air and clarity into the coaching session
  • Your coachee walks out of the room with a clearcut actionplan and is oriented towards the future
  • Possibility to explore the obstacles which might hamper installing new habits, by exploring the Logical Levels.
  • Gives the coachee a sense that things can change easily and should he or she want so, rapidly.
Whats in the box?
2 game boards:
  • 1 where you climb the tree, exploring your GROW-path.
  • 1 where your explore your roots and take away obstacles in your way of handling the situation (belief systems, criteria, using other capacities than what the situation calls for, the roles you play etc..)
2 dice 3 figurines 1 magnetic board + 10 white + 10 black magnets (“Your wheel of life and what are you aiming for?”). 4 sets of 20 cards with questions in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English.
  • Goal questions
  • Reality questions
  • Option questions
  • Way forward and Willingness questions
The coach’s manual in 3 languages: Dutch, French and English Online training:
  • How can you use the GROW game board in combination with the cards?
  • How can you use the magnetic “wheel of life” in combination with the cards?
  • How can you use the game board with roots and Logical Levels in combination with the cards?
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VZW Bindkracht

For every puchase of a box, there goes 30 euro to vzw Bindkracht.

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