The team

Veerle Van Dyck
Quality, development, plannning, sales

Veerle Van Dyck is the owner of The 3House, and the driving force behind its concepts of business games, training and coaching. . She has been training and supervising company employees for 24 years. In 24 years, she has trained 30,000 participants and has 1,000 hours of business coaching, allowing her to put this experience at the service of your business or organization.

As the driving force behind The 3House, she uses her creative mind to transform learning, in fun and play. Her business games touch people. You play it, and at the same time you get to know yourself better and to know others better. After the game, you will have a different view of the question and you will already have some initial tips to develop yourself.

According to Veerle, an approach with a lot of respect and understanding is the best way to make people even better. Kindness and openness are her basic ingredients. She spices it up with a mixture of humor, enthusiasm and joie de vivre. Her continued commitment to personal development completes the recipe!
+32 477 23 19 64

Trainer/coach in 3 languages Thoughtful creator

A sharp mind in a gentle shell is one way of describing Aster. Half time student in psychology, and half time employee at The 3House she brings her artistic talents to increase the impact of The 3House’s serious business games.

Thanks to her young age she is a real asset to our team since she helps us understand the needs our future clients.

Through her passion for horse-riding and training horses,  and her years of exercising the finer arts ( theatre, music) she has a clear  vision on human behaviour and its emotional whims. She works out our goals and makes sure our clients receive the perfect learning platform in our games, training and coaching.
+32 468 09 83 88

Trainer/coach NL Adventurous centipede

The3House is expanding its team even further. We are constantly on the move and open to cooperation.