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Business games, motivational coaching, training en intervisie

The3House offers tailor-made training and coaching for teams and managers, based on different themes:

  • Leadership and team management
  • Communication: verbal and non-verbal
  • Customer delight
  • Coping with change
  • Coping with the crisis
  • Coping with emotions: my emotion and that of the other person
  • Resilience at work: how do you work with enthusiasm, what is the role of talent and with what approach can you let the ghost image of depression and burnout disappear from your business? In a playful way, we can measure where the energy givers and energy takers are. A well thought out action plan with the first steps closes the workshop.
Why play?

Playing brings our brain into a high-performance status: we think fast and see clearly. That’s why our projects consist mainly out of spontaneous and targeted practical exercises. There’s a lot of laughter. We encourage participants to go beyond their limits.

Learning remains practical, pragmatic and above all …. FUN!


A proposition à la carte

After an intake meeting with our client, we like to talk to the future participants and possibly to their ( team) manager. According to their needs, we compose the proposed trajectory: video modules on theory, business game, individual coaching or group training, workshops, intervision, teambuilding …

As a follow-up afterwards, we ensure that the insights find their way into practice and lead to a new working attitude. This also happens in function of the situation: coaching moments, workshops, short and playful exercises …


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